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We’ve taken everything that made the BAKblade the Internet’s Best-Selling back shaver and brought it around to the front. The same patented DRYglide blades will give you the closest and safest shave you’ve ever had – WET OR DRY!

what is bodblade & what does it shave?

The BODblade is often referred to as the “Master Mower” for your chest lawn. And while the shaver is the best solution in managing “Peck Patch” the shaver is capable of shaving most above-the-waist areas quickly and efficiently leaving smooth satisfying results. Most traditional razors are not sized to shave large areas which is why the process can be time consuming.

Look no further…Say hello to quick, convenient, clean confidence!

Edison Award
Winning Technology

Patented DRYGLIDE Design
Shave WET or DRY

No batteries. No complex moving parts. No bunched up cords. Just clean smooth confidence in just minutes without the hassle.

What Comes With A BODBlade?

  • The Smooth
    Shave Guarantee

    A 60-day money-BAK guarantee on our shavers. Are we confident? Absolutely

  • Extra Pair Of Blades
    Because We’re Awesome

    An extra pair of our patented DRYglide blade cartridges

  • Wall-Mount

    A wall-mount is included in every starter set for easily storing that bad boy

  • Precision Blade

    A PrecisionBlade is included to tackle sensitive areas

Precision Blades For Precision Shaving

The BODblade is capable of shaving larger areas in seconds which is why we have also included a smaller PrecisionBlade which allows you to shave a couple of those small sensitive areas such as the nipple area before using the BODblade to clean up the rest. Our system is designed to give you the quickest, smoothest, and easiest shave for your chest, abs, and arms.

Got A Couple Minutes? That’s All You Need

Shaving with the BODblade only takes a few minutes and is always ready to go. Just move it in small, quick motions just like you would a backscratcher and you’ll see how fast you can mow down that man lawn!

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